Free Website Uptime Monitoring

We'll monitor up to 20 of your sites for FREE! And we'll notify you by email when a site goes down.

If you sign up for low cost text message alerts, we'll even send text messages to your phone(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sites can I add to be monitored?

Our free plan allows you to add up to 20 sites. You'll receive email alerts when a site's status changes.

How do I order and pay for the text messages?

Take a look at About Ordering From Us.

How do I find out when there is a problem with one of my sites?

When you sign up for this service, you can get notifications via email and (with our $30 annual plan) text messages whenever one of your sites goes down (or is back up).

Can I have text message alerts sent to an International phone number?

Yes, there are a number of countries supported by our service. See our list of Supported Countries.

Is there a free trial of this service?

Better than that, the free plan checks up to 20 sites. So no trial needed. The service is free.

I signed up for Text Messages but now my year is up (or I run out of SMS Units). What happens?

You can simply top up your account by renewing for another year. Otherwise your plan automatically turns into the free plan with email alerts and you no longer receive text messages.

Why is this service free?

We're hoping you'll sign up for text message alerts, that is how we can make a little bit of money. But this is not a major product for our company. We created this because we ran into problems with another provider that we were using for our sites and decided to use our resources to create a free or supercheap service that does what it promises.

I need help!

Just send an email to (email) or submit a support ticket. We're here to help. Sorry, there is no telephone support for this service.

I need a lot more than 20 sites checked

We can accommodate that too. Just send an email to (email) with your requirements and we'll come up with a plan for you.

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